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FortisBC is offering an incentive up to $45,000 for installing an eligible high-efficiency hot water natural gas boiler.

Available Incentives

Incentive amounts are determined by the size (in 1,000 Btu/hour or MBH)  and thermal efficiency (TE) of the natural gas boiler.

Boiler Type Incentive Maximum Amount per boiler
90 per cent thermal efficiency (TE) or higher $9 per MBH $45,000
85 per cent to 89.99 per cent TE $4 per MBH $20,000

Note: Steam boilers are eligible for incentives under the FortisBC Steam Boiler Incentive.

Right-sizing bonus incentives

Qualifying boilers installed in existing buildings may be eligible for a right-sizing bonus if they are sized in accordance with FortisBC’s Boiler Sizing and Quality Installation Guidelines. The right sizing bonus incentive is the lesser of the invoiced amount:

  • Or $500 for boiler systems with an input rating up to 1,500 MBH
  • Or $1000 for boiler systems with an input rating of 1,500 MBH or higher.

Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be a FortisBC natural gas customer under any rate class except Rate 1.
  • You must be a property owner or long-term leaseholder of an existing commercial building, or a builder, developer, or property owner of a new commercial construction project.
  • You must be using the boiler for space, pool and/or process heating. Note: boiler capacity not strictly required to meet your building or facility’s thermal load (sometimes referred to as backup, standby, or secondary boilers) are not eligible for incentives.
  • The hot water natural gas boiler must be installed by a qualified natural gas or mechanical contractor licensed with Technical Safety BC.
  • The hot water natural gas boiler(s) must meet FortisBC’s qualifying criteria at the time of purchase.
  • Full eligibility requirements can be found on the FortisBC website.

How to Apply

  1. Carefully review the terms and conditions to confirm your eligibility.
  2. Purchase an eligible boiler and have it installed by a licensed gas contractor.
  3. Email your completed application form to commercialrebates@fortisbc.com. Be sure to include copies of:
    • The fully paid invoice including make and model number of the eligible boiler(s) that were purchased and installed. New construction projects may alternatively provide proof of payment in the form of a final progress draw invoice for the new building AND engineer-approved shop drawings that indicate the job name and site address as proof of make and model of the eligible boiler(s).
  4. For the right-sizing bonus:


  • Application must be submitted within 365 days of the purchase date of the product(s) (as shown on the proof of purchase document) or installation date (as listed on the Application Form), whichever is first.


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Program Contact Information

Contact your local natural gas energy solutions manager or email commercialrebates@fortisbc.com